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Anonymous whispered: I don't think selling them in your school is a good idea because you're stll going against what they want... however, you could do a buy 10$ or however much money worth of stuff and get a homestuck pin for free thing instead

I just thought I’m not allowed to sell in the net because the guys from What Pumpkin are watching us. There are a lot of peeps I know who sell Homestuck fanart merch that they made themselves but I don’t know if they got a warning from What Pumpkin too. I hope I’m not the only one :s

I don’t live in the US for that matter. Still, I guess they really don’t want me to sell them regardless if I’m in the net or not… I might just cause them more trouble. If the other peeps who sell homestuck fan merch got that message too, then that means no one should be selling them ever :o

About that buy and get a free homestuck button thing, it might be a good idea… but the thing is I have so much of them…

Wait…. OMG! I know!!! I can just give them away for free at a convention someday :3 especially to the homestucks. Cos here, we have a local Homestuck group on Facebook and I’m a part of it… yes yes this is brilliant. I’ll try to post in the group page about my situation and I’ll see if they want dem buttons :D I’m sure they will.

The nearest convention right now is the Best of Anime this weekend, I really wanna go cos a really famous cosplayer is gonna be there to perform <3333333 but I have an entrance test for college that day ; - ; please good lord

Anyway, thanks for the help, anon :D anon backwards is nona which is my real name heehee <3

LPF Store: Homestuck Buttons Discontinued

Hi guys,

I have received a email from the Storenvy Support team they have received a DMCA complaint about my store.

The guys from What Pumpkin Studios, known for their Homestuck merchandise, has come to me to tell me that I do not have any rights to sell products with the Homestuck name. So for that, I have decided to discontinue selling my Homestuck button pins, and deleted them permanently. It’s time to say goodbye to them :(

I dunno if I have any plans regarding the leftover HS buttons I have in the future, but I do know that I will still be selling them on-hand at my school’s entrep day. I don’t have any plans for a convention. So I highly suggest you guys to pay a visit to my school sometime, and meet mah bros there too ^^ but ya don’t have to, really… hehehe. More details on that coming soon. It’s still really far… next year pa hahaha!!!

Hey ya dom!! Well yea, they should have told me in the first place, but i posted it there so the teachers get the file for printing. Yea, i did get in trouble but I already took it down immediately so its fine now.

But i still cant get over what I did, and I actually cried because of that. Not a good day :( but I already did the things that needed to be done for the newspaper, and im happy that my work is done.

Welp, i better go review for some exams this week. Bayee

well shit i got in trouble for posting the newspaper layout in our club group in FB its supposed to be confidential between me, the teacher and editor in chief

I know some of my friends in school WILL see the post here, but its ok if I show it to people outside the school so if you’re not my schoolmate then its ayt

Friends, dont tell our schoolmates. k? Imma erase yo memories

Hi guys! I have some great news to tell you!

Another reason why I’ve been pretty busy now is cos’ I’ve been working on THIS. So I joined the IL MON club and signed up to be the layout artist for this year’s school publication! Originally I just wanted to draw for the newspaper, but I never really expected to do work like this, but with the help of my buddies I eventually was able to pull it off! So here it is, our first paper for this year! I appear 3 times here… but I dont think any of y’all will find me… hehe

ALSO I put here a little secret of mine… can ya find it? :) It’s obvious, it has something to do with tumblr… well, sort of ;))

currently working on my super-short fairy tale storybook for english class~ this look waaay too much like frozen but its not haha

Big Hero 6: Baymax Manga ▷

So rina-gunvor shared me this link to the Big Hero 6 official manga, titled "Baymax", about the backstory/background of young boy genius Hiro Hamada and his older brother Tadashi, an inventor who built Baymax, his best work, as a gift for Hiro.

Has this been announced here already? Or not? Either way, it’s hella awesome and cute and touching. I would consider this to be canon, since it’s official and it’s part of the movie storyline of BH6. First chapter just released yesterday, so give it a read eh? :3c

Lineart next wooo

PS If you guys dont know, I’m working on a new set of keychains for next year’s entrep day! I’ll also sell these online c:

done with the girls, now i got 3 more to go! gotta sleep early tho, my exam’s tomorrow morning :o

Spending my “rest” day working on a new project~ haha you call this rest? well they say the day before UPCAT, you gotta relax and all… or else you’ll end up fumbling all the things you’ve reviewed for *~* 

Hi everyone im back from my grave lol jk its been a very very long time since i last posted here on tumbles. Hope youre having a great day/night wherever you are!! :D

So basically since summer me and my batchmates have been reviewing for tomorrow’s UPCAT test. For some, theyre having it today. Basically its a college entrance exam for the top university here in the Phils. So to spend my last hours reviewing, i did a group study with shlompy806 and bennett, another friend of mine :)

But eventually after UPCAT, we still have another exam the week after, and another the next month, so on, so forth. I hope you guys would understand how busy we are and how busy we have been for the past months. See y’all very, very soon.

Wish us luck!

kinikxluna said: WHY DID I NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS AND WHAT SERIOUSLY?? dear lord stay safe ok?

No I’m perfectly fine now :) im back to being productive. as for typhoon Henry, Im not really sure if it’s coming cos’ after Glenda it has been relatively sunny now, so yea ! I’m good.


So our teacher asked us to do this project where we choose a greek god/goddess( i chose artemis incase yalls are wondering) and put a picture of them on a piece of paper

She also said we could draw them.

DAMMIT! I never pictured mine T_T sayang huhuhu but I’ve never seen this too so *o*



Patty makes great art once again :) how come I never saw this on my dash ??


For adventuretitan who requested Finn in his dapper Food Chain suit! :)

PS: This is very irrelevant but ‘Tee Shirt’ by Birdy (from TFIOS soundtrack) is a great song for Bubbline haha go listen to it guys

sorry for the self-reblog, but adventuretitan’s now here and I wanna make sure she sees this! :D

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